about us


RDJ Welfare Foundation is a platform for social activities for the common man.


Established in 2016, in India Silicon Valley. RDJ Welfare Foundation have adopted a grass root level to stream line work process which guarantees both communities and government receive the highest standards of services blended with a strong culture of ethics & excellence, along with strong foundation of commitment. It is an organisation that has committed itself to holistically address many aspects that affects quality of human life. We combine our specialist technical knowledge and NGO experience with yours, to help you achieve financial management excellence. We bring a wealth of best practice expertise to large and small NGOs who need guidance on common challenges, whilst leading thinking in the sector in the face of constant change.

RDJ Welfare Foundation is a voluntary secular trust registered under the Karnataka Trust Act of 1957, giving it the status of legal, non government organization. Because we are all gifted with different abilities in life, RDJ Welfare Foundation cares as much about who you are as who we are. We provide a comprehensive range of services and resources to build confidence, competence and capacity among the deprived and financially challenged.

RDJ Welfare Foundation helps to provide marginalized/backward communities with social relevance through comprehensive programmes of development. It takes community development seriously and has designed a holistic program that strengthens local culture, which is non-discriminatory, provides educational opportunities; achieves concrete improvements, and operates efficiently for maximum benefit for our community development.

Our Strength lies in the people we work with, the government, municipal corporations, NGO’s and corporate sectors.

Our Commitment

  • Promotes Living together and working together concept to create social change amongst community people.
  • To enhance a social connection that fosters a sense of community feeling, being ecologically responsible Striving for equality.
  • To embrace diverse group and support for personal growth.
  • To promote world culture grounded in love embodying compassion, honesty, self responsibility delight in diversity co operation and the honouring of all living beings.
  • To create an environment where personal and cultural change mutually support to India’s development.
  • To promote holistic health, spiritual growth and facilitates the gathering of people in celebration of the experience of life.
  • Committed to socially spiritually politically and environmentally responsible.
  • Legitimate rights, equity, justice, honesty social sensitivity and a culture of service. (Empowerment, capacity building and social transformation are attempted)
  • To work towards live in dignity and security, survival, development, protection, participation, team work, creativity and Initiate action plans to develop and enhance the community living.
  • To organize career orientation program for unprivileged children youth and hold career counselling Sessions for children in need.
  • Network with various resource person and involve them in community change.
  • Focus on total development of youth through committed action plans.
  • Develop computer facilities in the villages and organize relevant course for children.