Shri R. Dayananda and Shrimathi Jayalakshmi

Shri. R.Dayananda is now well known as "Dharmika Samaja Seva Ratna", is a philosopher and philanthropist, He is a multi- dimensional personality worked in various facets of life.

He being the Eldest Son of Shri.Ramanagaiah and Hanumakka adapted all traditional values and culture of ancestors, incorporated a magnificent lifestyle and given the same to his sibling’s younger Brother Shri.Narayana Swamy and Sister Shrimathi. Dhanalakshmi Anjinamurthy.

Born on 29/1/1953, his bachelor life was not like other growing child, Next to his father’s death, the family responsibility came to the shoulder of him and he being a geology student and later on got into engineering and electrical business, at the later stage he took up central government telephone exchange contract in 4 states of south India and sustained in the business for 36 years.

During April 24th 1984 Shri. Dayananda got the dealership of LPG Bharatgas distribution and he was the first to start up the LPG dealership in taluk level and to extent the branch to Nelmangala.

Even today they are more than 80 employees working and providing service to more than 40,000 customers in Doddaballapur taluk and Nelmangala Town.

Shri. Dayananda Married to Shrimathi Jayalakshmi, a supportive wife, inspiring spirit to their children and a spiritual soul to the family. Adopted the family culture and moulded, instilled lot of good deeds into the children’s life.

Both being as parents gave all sorts of education, comforts and life values to the family members. From those days till now they all are living together as a Joint Family.

Shri. Dayananda greatest hobby is book reading and he has all sorts of book collection and reading spiritual, historical, biography of famous personality and it goes on.

Shri. Dayananda and Shrimathi. Jayalakshmi both were worshippers of Lord Shiva, Durga and Panduranga. Have received the idol of Lord Durga from Durgai Siddar Padappe Pitam, imbibing all sorts of temple ritual into their home. And celebrating the Navaratri, Ekadasi and other festivals and ritual with their sathsangs group and Shri. Dayananda being a member to many institution and organization has served and touched many lives and being an inspiring spirit to the people around him.

Shri.Dayanada and Shrimathi. Jayalakshmi believes in the concept “Serving to Mankind is serving to God selflessly”. Till Today they have extended their service areas in all the fields of lives that helps the individual to grow and also be a part of others growth.