Dedication to His Holiness Shri Padappai Durgai Siddar Durga Pitam.

Dedication to Ancestor

Shri Ramanagaiah and Shrimathi Hanumakka

Shri M. Ramanagaiah

His quote: The poor and a downtrodden should not only be improved in terms of financially or economically but the improvement should always be in terms of social respect, self confidence and self sufficient in very aspects of life.

Life History

Shri M Ramanagaiah born on 12-10-1910 was an elder son of Shri Moodi Nagappa and Shrimathi Mallamma. Their Ancestors are basically from Hampi of Vijayanagar Dynasty. After the devastation of Hampi, they have travelled through Bellary and settled in Ukadapalya, Now the area is known as Magadi Road.

Shri Ramanagaiah completed his early education and SSLC in the same place wherein he had two brothers serving in the military service in those days.

As two brothers were in military service, Shri Ramanagaiah took the family responsibility and discontinued his education and joined to Benny mill as an employee. During his free time he use to sell manufactured clothes to different places riding bicycle and after many years he became the agent of garment business in Benny mill itself.

The Mother of Shri Ramanagaiah was in railway department and there were world wars happening and she lost her job and there were severe economic and social crises wherein people sufferings from lack of food and basic essentials

Then Shrimathi Mallamma took up a social work of collecting clothes food and other essentials from wealthy people and distributed it amongst the poor.

And during summer season, she use to arrange water in mud pots and food facility to the travellers of bullock carts, Thongas (Horse carriage) and the animals and for the public.

Shri Ramanagaiah being an employee agent of Benny mill also started leather business and with lots of hard work established an leather industry and started to manufacture many products undertook many orders from different places like Sirsi, Gadag, Mysore, Bangalore and received orders from Government and companies like HMT and CMT .

The Mysore State transport, for the bus conductors the cash bags has been manufactured and distributed for more than 20 years.

For the military and other service men based on their requirement the shoes and slippers were been manufactured, for the doctors, the doctor kit bags, government documentary files and for ladies hand bags, purse, like this there were more than 60 products manufactured and distributed.

There were 100 employees working for it and in those days they also conducted exhibition in Mysore, Hassan and in Bangalore and received the most prestigious award and gold medal for their work service and excellence in the leather industry.

In those for the purchase of leathers and related materials people use to travel to madras and Bombay but Shri Ramanagaiah with his own money and efforts manufactured as much as leather items in Bangalore itself.

He married to a poor village girl Shrimathi Hanumakka, who were agriculturist and also supported Ramanagaiah in his business and also in agricultural field.

They have constructed 2 stored complex those time only and given out for rentals for the sake of market purposes to help the public in general.

Shrimathi Hanumakka coming from agriculturist family continued to work in the field of silk worms, cultivated ragi paddy , jowar , rice and marketed it.

Shri Ramanagaiah and Shrimathi Hanumakka there were very spiritual in nature and worshipped lord Panduranga Vittal and there were also composing poems on lord Panduranga and singing through bhajans.

At the last stage of their life they use to preach philosophical work, thoughts and deeds that lead to happiness of self, soul and god.

Shri Ramanagaiah died on 25-12-1981

After his death, the leather industry business was down and was at crises as the two sons and daughter were still young to take up the responsibility and Shrimathi Hanumakka become alone to handle business and agriculture.

Shrimathi Hanumakka later on carried the family responsibility of educating their 3 children’s and continued to follow all the culture and tradition of Shrimathi Mallamma – the mother in law and the Work culture and responsibility of her husband Shri Ramanagaiah. She was good at cultivation of land and home maker.

She was providing food, clothing and shelter to the poor children in her stay homes and helping the poor in for their education

Shrimathi Hanummaka died in the 1996, Leaving her traditional value and spiritual thought and humanistic principles to their family