Roopa Dayananda

“Numbers don’t count. Even if we can change one life towards its dream successfully, it means a great deal”

Roopa Dayananda, a young HR Management Lecturer, was driven by the extraordinary dream to see a day when no Indian child would be deprived of rights as basic as survival, participation, protection and development. Like many of us, Roopa Dayananda too was upset when she saw disparities between privileged and underprivileged children. She hated to see children begging and working as servants. Unlike most of us though, he did something about it. she felt that something needed to be done to improve the situation of the underprivileged Indian child. Uncharacteristically, given their backgrounds and motivations, she chose to found a grassroots-level implementing organisation working directly with and for underprivileged children. Going through the early, difficult times, it was Roopa’s passion and conviction that drove RDJ. She was firmly convinced that each of us can, in our own small way, be agents of change, and when enough of us are moved to this, the impact is a lasting change for the better. I Believe “Numbers don’t count. Even if we can change one life towards its dream successfully, it means a great deal”. Yes, I’ve always seen myself as a person who can change my society if I put my mind to it. Even as a child, I wanted to help out. Born to Mr. Dayananda R and Jayalakshmi under a well privileged family. I would see other children — children who were needy — and wonder why that had to be that way. As I grew up and got more opportunities, I realized that I was lucky. I had a place to call home, but there were still children in the streets that didn’t have that. And that urge to go on and realize my dream of helping others was still there. RDJ Foundation believes that with severe efforts and implementation, we surely can make change the way we see the deprived community.

Ms. Roopa Dayananda -A Dream girl by birth and social worker by profession with full of positive thoughts and attitude, being spiritual and practical women with magnificent and dynamic personality, ignites spirit and inspiration to students community  with her simple living, high thinking concept. At the very young age she started serving children and women at grass root level. Service is an inbuilt quality from her ancestors.

As rightly said Charity beings from home – Ms. Roopa Dayananda sets an example for it. She started to serve the people around her in her own community and friends circle. She is been a good classical singer, painter by hobby and lovable sister to all the children whom she meets. She has undertaken many programs and projects voluntarily associating herself with many NGOs, giving her first priority to child and education initiated the lead and competed herself with all odds and made a mind to start up her own foundation dedicating to her parents.

To understand the grass root level problems of the society she adopted Arts and humanities and Social work as profession. She has pursued her masters in social Work in HR specialization and became a Management Lecturer, an HR Manager and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) program coordinator in her working companies.

She took up a Professional Training on various skills development programs and has been a trainer on various topics including service field and management areas i.e.  Stress Management, Recruitment process,HR Generalist, Payroll, Welfare Administration – Health, Safety, Conducting & organizing Seminars, Industrial Relation Issues – Labour relations, policies and benefits, Training  & Development – Producers & Strategies, Handling of CSR Projects – Budgeting, Programme planning, Organizing & implementation. As a Lecturer she has been an Editor of College Magazine in Goutham Group of institution – “Spoorthi” and also Editor of Department Newsletter of Social Work – “Spirit”

As a Social Work Student, She has given her volunteer contribution to Ngo’s like:

Juvenile Home for Girls & Boys, SOS (Save Our Soul), Voice for India Foundation, CURDS, ECHO, CRT, Habitat for Humanity. She has served her volunteer service in Central Government Project “Rashtriya Swastha Bhima Yojana” (Provided Health Insurance Card – Smart Card to 3,000 beneficiary in Devanahalli) and Organized Medical Camp In Association with Lions Club and SOS and CURDS NGO , for Urban Slum Community in Hosahalli, (Provided Eye checkup, Dental and General Checkup to Vulnerable people), Promoted  GO – GREEN (Afforestation – Tree Plantation) Project in Nelamangala – Kunigal Road in Association with an NGO Divya Jyothi Vidhya Kendra and Mahindra and Mahindra Company.

She also has a corporate Internship and work experience in ITI, HMT, GGCL- Global Green Company, ABB Ltd,Voice For India Foundation’ Goutham Group of Institutions, Ajax Management Pvt Ltd, Manjunatha Bharatgas Agency.

Participated in Rural Camp in H.D Kote , Mysore district in Association with MYRADA,undertaken various Government Projects such as : Rain Water Harvesting, Sampoorna Swachhatha Andolana,Sanitation Project in Rural and Tribal Community, interaction and organized a Knowledge sharing Session For Self Help Groups in rural community, adopted a backward community area which belongs to Sc’s &ST’s and undertaken a Community Awareness Campaign with respect to the following aspects : Education Awareness, Health& Hygiene Awareness and Community Primary Health Care Centres. The Awareness project is carried out with the objective, which are not monetary gains but nation building.

She believed in the thought “Small Change makes a big difference and change is the ultimate truth that remains forever”.